Lead More Powerfully
by Being More Human
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Karolin and Minette in conversation with Jacqui Gregory

How to Build and Support Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Understanding why “Psychologically Safe” workspaces are important is easy– it’s the “how” we make our spaces safe that can be a little more complicated. Joining us today to help us better understand this challenge are Dr. Karolin Helbig, Founding Partner of New-work-leadership.com and Minette Norman, Founder and Principal of Minette Norman Consulting LLC, authors of The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human. Here, they explain:

  • What it means for a workplace to be “psychologically safe”;
  • The benefits of psychological safety in the workplace;
  • The five specific “plays” leaders can make to improve psychological safety within their teams; and
  • Importance of leadership authenticity in creating psychologically safe workplaces!

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