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Psychological Safety Playbook (1)

Leadership Excellence Podcast with Danny Langloss

All great sports teams have a playbook. They have a playbook for offense, defense, and in football, special teams. These games happen in diverse and complex environments that are changing play by play. Isn’t that the same type of environment leaders face each and every day?

What if I told you there was a playbook to create the highest levels of Psychological Safety in your teams? Well there is. This playbook is one of the quickest and easiest playbooks for any leader to work through. It has 5 plays with 5 actionable strategies within each.

On this episode of the Leadership Excellence Podcast, we were joined by two leadership experts who joined forces from across the world. Karolin Helbig joined us from Germany and Minette Norman joined us from California in the United States. The playbook they have created is nothing short of phenomenal. We took a dive into each of the 5 plays and discussed actionable strategies to bring each of them to life. We think you are going to love this!

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