Lead More Powerfully
by Being More Human
Minette Norman Quote1

Minette in conversation with Marie Gervais, PhD

Minette Norman is one of two authors of the book The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead more powerfully by being more human. Growing up, she developed her sense of empathy and powers of observation by being on the outside of many groups and again as an adult, being the only woman when she worked for high-level software companies. Her interest in human behaviour developed within the tech environment when she took on management roles and found she had an edge through her ability to respond safely and empathetically to others. Fast forward to her current work in inclusive leadership consulting. When taking an international course online, she developed a friendship and resonance with another leadership coach, Karolin Helbig, who pitched the idea that they develop a practical resource for their clients as a team. This became a book with a practical approach consisting of five “plays” and 25 behaviours to help people lead at work with safety and humanity no matter what their role and rank.