Lead More Powerfully
by Being More Human


Increasing psychological safety in your organization: 25 moves at a glance

We created a visual depiction of the high-level structure and content of the book, including all five plays with their respective moves. You may want to print this out and keep it at your desk for reference. We find it’s helpful to have a reminder of the actions you can take every day.

Five Essential Tools from The Psychological Safety Playbook

We’ve created a sampler of five of the most essential tools from the playbook. There’s much more detail in the full playbook, but this will give you an overview of five important tools.

Play-by-Play Postcards

As a quick reference, we’ve created a set of postcards—one postcard for each play and its respective five moves. Of course, there’s much more detail and context in the full playbook, but you can use these cards as daily reminders.