Lead More Powerfully
by Being More Human
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Karolin and Minette in conversation with Susan Hobson from the Leadership Launchpad.

How do we make psychological safety practical and actionable?

This week, Minette Norman & Karolin Helbig, authors of The Psychological Safety Playbook, join Susan Hobson from Elite High Performance.

We talk about the behaviors that leaders can take to improve psychological safety, moving from the research to practical implementation strategies. Minette Norman has been on the show twice before, Episode 18 – Inclusive Leadership & Workplace Bullying, and Episode 39 – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion We at Elite High Performance specialize in building high impact leaders that turn their teams into happy high-performers who crush their goals. A prime example is our client, MiQ who has increased their revenue by 35% YOY, has 83% employee engagement when the global average is 21% and reduced turnover by 52% YOY. Can you afford to leave revenue, productivity on the table and afford to lose your employees?

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